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Revolution Fitness Clubs Is Designed With You In Mind

This is home for those who love to look and feel their best.

This is home for those who judge workouts based on their sweat soaked shirt.

This is home for those who smile when they wake up sore.

Why Revolution Fitness Clubs?

Built For The Exerciser

Traditional gyms have been taking you for granted. Club owners know that you are going anyway, so they build their clubs with mousetraps to draw in the general population. Revolution is building a club with you in mind.

Rogued Out

Our club features 116 feet of rigging, giving you 28 stations to squat, deadlift, bench, etc. We will provide all the tools you need to do full workouts in one space. Beyond the rig we will have: dumbbells, power lifting benches, squat racks, hanging rings, kettlebells, plyo boxes, medicine balls, sleds, yokes, concept 2 rowers, assault bikes, true form treadmills, resistance bands, leg press, lat pull downs and more. All the cool stuff from Rogue…we are going to get it.

No Commitment

We all sign them, and we all hate them: the dreaded minimum commitment. You don’t really know if the gym is a good fit for you with a one-week trial, because you need more time. No one likes long term contracts, so we won’t have them. This forces us to deliver what we say we are going to deliver, or you can leave.

Easy To Cancel

We have all been here before: certified letter, 30-day notice, and you have to cancel in person. Then the harassing begins “why do you want to leave?", "What could we have done better?" Enough! I hate to see you go, but the reality is that you want to leave, or maybe you need to leave; either way we are not interested in trapping you. All you will have to do is go online, and press a button. Really, it’s that easy…The catch is understanding that if you do cancel, you may not be able to re-enroll because…

Cap On Enrollment

That’s right we have no sales team, no special deals, one price that’s the same for everyone, because once we reach our capacity we will stop selling memberships. Our commitment is to make sure you have the best possible membership experience, so any parking issues or equipment bottlenecks will be monitored and addressed as quickly as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to constantly evolve and uphold the highest standards of an affordable training facility designed with the committed exerciser in mind.  We will provide a clean facility with equipment that is properly maintained. Above all, everyday we will work to deliver a facility that focuses on an exceptional experience for the member. 


Our Inspiration

Beyond the equipment in the traditional health club something else was bothering me.  It was the audience that they were catering to. Health clubs are designed to lure people in that know that they need to exercise but have a hard time committing.  They crowd the gym and use the limited amount of free weights that are available.  You may be asking why is this important?  It’s important because operators know that they need to sell to the people that need to exercise but don’t commit.  That’s why gyms look the way they do.  Very little square footage is dedicated to functional training that is primarily free weights.

-Jason Perrone, CEO