Strength Training is For Me…
Strength Training is For Us…
Strength Training is For Everyone…
Strength training is also the most neglected aspect of almost everyone’s exercise program. This is understandable considering the mixed messages that we are being bombarded with.
Traditional gyms are filled with cardio equipment and machines, so everyone assumes that this is the best way to look and feel better.
Now let’s not mistake it, if you are going from the couch to exercise group classes, endless cardio or training on machines you will see improvement. The problem is that none of the three are optimal and will eventually provide diminishing returns.
Strength training is the foundation of all health and wellness. It’s the 401k of health and wellness, initially there is nothing sexy about it until that compound interest starts to kick in and you start to feel and see the results. The progressions in strength training are infinite, this means that if you are following a well-developed program you will always see measurable results.
Strength Training Benefits Include:
Look better
Get stronger
Increased confidence
Feel empowered
Live longer, healthier with more independence
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