Why We Are Different
We live in a world of endless choices when it comes to staying healthy and fit. Being bombarded with all the various options it can be tricky to decide what makes the most sense when it comes to exercise. What works and what has always been optimal is very simple but difficult to execute because of the traditional gym’s design. Strength training is the elixir for improved health and the key to living a longer, independent life. What this means is that simple lifts such as squatting, benching and deadlifting are the foundations of any solid exercise program. Getting good at basic pushes and pulls are not always the most glamorous fun things to do in the gym, they are just the most effective for getting stronger, looking and feeling better.

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Let’s explore the choices we have when it comes to training. First, is your traditional gym. The traditional gym has evolved from being primarily designed for bodybuilders (which is different from the strength training that I’m referring to for optimal health) to a sectioned off mall of exercise options for you to decide what to do. What most people do, especially if they are just beginning to exercise is to jump on a piece of cardio equipment and go. This is a problem because a lot of people are fooled into believing that endless cardio is best way to get leaner and optimize health. Now obviously cardiovascular training is important and plays a role in any solid exercise program. It’s generally overdone and will have diminishing returns if done exclusively.

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The strength area in traditional gyms has shrunk even though the square footage of most commercial health clubs has increased. The weight room floors are typically stuffed with too many auxiliary movement, muscle isolated machines, not enough barbells and places to squat, deadlift or bench.

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The sell of the traditional gym is that you will walk around and find something that you feel “comfortable” doing. These gyms will continue to add more mousetraps to lure you into the idea of “oh yeah, I can do that”. So much so that larger commercial gyms are dedicating precious square footage to cardio cinemas so you can say “oh yeah, I can walk on a treadmill and watch Forrest Gump”. Traditional gyms also offer group classes for you if you want to have some guidance and need an extra push.
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This leads me to the second big choice and huge trend in the exercise universe, group training. Group training started with your old-school aerobics classes and has evolved into a billion-dollar industry. What started as another option in your typical health club has spawned off into stand alone facilities that charge a premium for essentially group exercise classes disguised by some commercial brand.
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We are alike in the fact that we are human and the basics of what we should do for optimal health are similar. When it comes to exercise prescription this where we are unique. Everyone has their own needs and this why cookie cutter classes that are one size fits all are less than optimal solutions for training. It is impossible to implement a true progressive strength training program to a group of 20 plus adults just walking in off the street. These are cardio classes, make no mistake just because you touch some dumbells and do some bodyweight pushes and pulls this does not substitute a progressive strength training program. Just like going on an elliptical endlessly if you pay a couple of hundred dollars a month going to one of these programs you will see diminishing returns. In other words, if you endlessly go on the elliptical you will get good at the elipitical and cease seeing any improved health benefits. Same thing, if you go to one of these branded group classes, you will get good at the “insert name” studio training and cease to see improved health benefits.
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What makes us different at Revolution Fitness Clubs is that we are designed for functionality and progressive strength training. We have a lot of barbells of all different weights and sizes for any level. Tons of free weights, kettlebells and dumbbells with plenty of space to move with many stations so there will be no bottlenecks waiting for a rack. There is also nearly 40 pieces of cardio equipment and a lot more. If the idea of strength training is completely foreign to you we are here to help guide you, We also have contracted trainers that can design specific programs for your individual needs. If you would like more information or to schedule a tour click the link above. If you are ready to begin your journey and experience a gym that caters to the most important aspect of health wellness click the link below and get your first month free.